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Pentagon spending big on AI, machine learning; Pope Francis calls for autonomous weapons ban

Belgrade News 18 Jun 2024
The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded more than $4.7 billion artificial intelligence contracts so far this year and the next, nearly $1 trillion U.S. military budget puts an increasing focus on AI as the world of warfare embraces machine ... .

Raytheon ramps up work on cutting-edge SPY-6 radars with $677M Navy deal

Business Journal 17 Jun 2024
RTX’s Raytheon business in Arizona has exercised its third option to continue work on a massive U.S. Navy contract to build AN/SPY-6(V) radars, designed to defend against multiple military threats simultaneously ... .

America's Defense Department Ran a Secret Disinfo Campaign Online Against China's Covid Vaccine

Slashdot 17 Jun 2024
military launched a secret campaign to counter what it perceived as China's growing influence in the Philippines..." ... military" — some active for more than five years ... military officials familiar with the Philippines operation.

California’s campus peace activists aim to stop the war on Gaza

People's World 17 Jun 2024
“Many universities, because of pushback from anti-war protesters [in the 1970s] that were fighting back against military research, would…start to spin off their defense contracting into individual labs that are off campus.

Fleet Readiness Center East teammates receive Navy Financial Management Awards

New Bern Sun Journal 17 Jun 2024
FRCE is North Carolina's largest maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical services provider, with more than 4,000 civilian, military and contract workers.

New Department of Defense moving policy hurts families | Guestview

Pensacola News Journal 16 Jun 2024
As president and CEO, I am compelled to raise industry concerns about the Department of Defense’s (DOD) new Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) Program, which places a single private consortium in charge of coordinating all military relocations.

Stand firm on Putin-Kim summit

Korea Times 16 Jun 2024
Realistic assessment of Russia-North Korea military cooperation is necessary ... Will Russia share its sensitive military technology with North Korea? ... Sharing sensitive military technology involves a substantial business contract.

Some Russians make the cut for the Paris Olympics but others fail vetting processes

RNZ 16 Jun 2024
Not having actively supported the war in Ukraine and not having been contracted to any military or security agency are among those criteria.

How secret US anti-vax operation disrupted Sinovac in PH

The Manila Times 16 Jun 2024
Some of the set of fake social media accounts used by the US military "were active for more than five years," according to Reuters ... In February, GD won a $493 million contract to continue providing clandestine influence services for the military.

Ukraine's draft woes leave the West facing pressure to make up for the troop shortfall

The Malta Independent 16 Jun 2024
Ukraine's current military recruitment campaign is not going according to plan ... And that puts pressure on the West's current strategy to support Ukraine primarily through military aid ... It is also adding 30,000 new contract recruits every month.


The Liberty Beacon 16 Jun 2024
Listen to Archived Show below Intro. •••• ... Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts.

Blue Origin joins SpaceX and ULA in new round of military launch contracts

Ars Technica 15 Jun 2024
... Thursday that Blue Origin will compete with United Launch Alliance and SpaceX for at least 30 military launch contracts over the next five years.

China spy fears

The Daily Mail 15 Jun 2024
Although the MoD allows its contracted companies to make their products in China, there have been increased fears that the Beijing authorities want to spy on the military and the Government.

Russian forces advance in Ukraine, claiming military gains and casualties

The Eastern Herald 15 Jun 2024
Russian military groupings of the “West” forces were able to occupy more advantageous positions in the special military operation zone ... It is noted that the Armed Forces�of Ukraine�lost up to 495 military personnel in that direction.

Putin reveals number of troops engaged in Ukraine conflict

Russia Today 15 Jun 2024
Almost 700,000 servicemen are currently taking part in Moscow’s military campaign, the Russian president has said ... Moscow has repeatedly said that the Russian military enjoys a steady flow of new recruits willing to sign contracts with the ministry.